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Beyond AquaThings' proprietary Artificial Intelligence stack, it's building a marketplace with storefronts for water sports shops, resorts, retailers and other sellers.


Our goal is to create the one-stop solution for water sports enthusiasts with the most comprehensive selection of products, deals and advanced AI search and recommendation technologies.


Taking away the hassle of getting out and enjoying your sport of choice. We plan to have everything covered, from flights, hotels, spot reviews, gear hire and shipping, etc.


We recognize it's not about where you go, it's who you go with. Here users will be able to create profiles, make posts, find other enthusiasts, track their progress, and more.


Learning should be the hard part, not finding out where to learn. We aim to have a full library of our own training resources, as well as a full directory of training worldwide.


Being the first destination shop (and hopefully only for many consumers) will generate leverage as a marketplace for other retailers to utilize the platform for selling. This enhances AquaThings' breadth of product selection and allows us to earn commission without capital invested in carrying inventory.


We seek to partner with and financially support like-minded organizations to keep the oceans beautiful for future generations.

Our marketplace approach lends itself to franchising. This enables us to rapidly expand into new markets - starting with diving and surfing - by geography and sport through partnerships with established players.


Each sport has its own personality.

All deserve a place of their own, but in the water, many of them intermingle.

AquaThings is going to be the place where they all hang out together.

Store and Community Now Open

Coming in Q4 2015

Headed by Laird Hamilton

Coming 2016

Coming 2016

Coming 2016

Coming  2016


AquaThings aims to be the ultimate solution for all aspects of water-sports. We want to remove the barriers that currently exist, and make entry into these amazing activities as easy as possible.


The idea of AquaThings was born when Founder and Chairman Faramarz Farhoodi decided he wanted to become a Master Scuba Diver. He was quickly frustrated by the lack of a centralized place where he could get all the information he needed to move his diving forward. The diver in him was annoyed, but the e-commerce expert in him was inspired. He soon learned it was not just diving that had the issue, but practically all "specialist" sports did not have a solid, one-stop solution.


It was an easy choice to combine his retail and tech experience to fix this problem. Luckily he knew several individuals with a passion water-sports, and also the skills needed to create his vision.


AquaThings is made up of water-sports enthusiasts, technology junkies, and one surfing legend.


Founder & CEO

A certified Master Scuba DIver, and an e-commerce and AI development specialist, working with companies like Amazon and Target.

VP of Product Management

Based in Chicago,
Charlie has extensive experience in finance and business strategy. He previously managed some of the largest individual accounts at JP Morgan.


CTO & SVP of Engineering

Based in San Jose, California, Eldo is technology aficionado, that is just getting his sea legs. While new to diving, he's been bitten by the dive bug like the rest of us.


EVP of Commerce

Founder, President

Response Marketing Group

Cross-channel marketing


VP Marketing for Hanna Andersson


Chief Marketing Officer

Jurie is thrilled to combine his passion for the ocean and environment with his skills in brand building and digital marketing.




VP of Development

  • Citibank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Thompson Reuters
  • Sears




SVP of Diving

Lee is big fish of DiveThings, with over 15,000 dives!

- PADI Instructor for 25 years

- DAN Instructor Trainer 18 years

-Member of USCG Auxillary

- Shark Research diver for 4 years

- 12 years in film industry.



VP of Creative & Community

Certified all the way to divemaster on the magic island of Nananu-I-Ra, Fiji. Logged 500+ and counting.


Combine that with a healthy addiction to beautiful design and Adobe software, and here we are.




530 Lytton Avenue, 2nd Floor,

Palo Alto, California,


17 impasse Labordotte

64200 Biarritz


Smithfield Collective, 5/F Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12-P Smithfield Rd, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. Hong Kong S.A.R.

There are many ways to get involved with AquaThings. Reach out with any questions or suggestions you may have.


Whether you're looking to get in on a business level, or are water-sports enthusiast like us that just wants to know more, please feel welcome to reach out.








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